Simple travelling  to Mönsterås with bus!

Travelling to and from Mönsterås

Mönsterås is situated in the middle of Kalmar County. With Mönsterås as a starting point for your vacation, you will quickly reach nearby tourist attractions such as Astrid Lindgren's World in Vimmerby, the Kingdom of Crystal and Öland within an hour.

It is easy to get here by the rapid roads from north, south and west, or with the well-developed public transportations.

If you are sailing or visiting with boat, the bays of Mönsterås and Timmernabben lead you all the way to the city centres. Read more on Guest harbours.

Traveling by car

The E22 streches from north to south through Mönsterås municipality. Highway 34 provides fast road links westbound, to both Växjö/Halmstand and Jönköping/Gothenburg.

Mönsterås Coastal Road, from Mönsterås to Patamalm along with E22, provides an alternative to busy main roads for tourists who want to make the actual journey an experience.

Free parking in all of Mönsterås

There are plenty of parking lots in Mönsterås, and we offer free short-term parking in all of the municipality.

For campers, there are specially set locations for overnight motor home parking, for a small fee.

Traveling by bus

Mönsterås municipality is located in the middle of Kalmar County, with a well developed public transport system. With Kalmar Läns Trafik, you travel cheap and environmentally friendly within the county.

Swebus Express offer direct buses to Stockholm, and Svenska Buss to Stockholm and Malmö.

Website links and phone numbers to bus companies:

Kalmar Läns Trafik
Phone: +46 (0)491-76 12 00

Swebus Express
Phone: +46 (0)771-218 218

Svenska Buss
Phone: +46 (0)771-67 67 67

Traveling by train

Traveling by train is both comfortable and environmentally friendly. From Blomstermåla, there are trains going south to Kalmar and north to Linköping. These trains are included in the county public transport system by Kalmar Läns Trafik.

Bus 164 (Mönsterås-Blomstermåla) and 163 (Mönsterås-Blomstermåla via Timmernabben and Ålem) offer connections to the train in Blomstermåla.

From Kalmar, there are direct trains to Gothenburg and Malmö/Kastrup Airport/Copenhagen.

Traveling by plane

Within less than 50 kilometers from Mönsterås is Kalmar Airport. SAS operates the route Kalmar-Stockholm/Arlanda, and Kalmarflyg operates the route Kalmar-Stockholm/Bromma.